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    How to transfer your work permit in China

    The application for and processing of work permits for foreigners employed by employers established according to law within the territory of the People's Republic of China, the object of examination and approval is the employer employing foreigners and foreigners.

    1.Basic conditions of the Employer:

    (1)established according to law, no record of serious violations of law and dishonesty; The positions employed by foreigners should be those with special needs, which are temporarily short of suitable candidates in China and do not violate the relevant regulations of the State; The wages and salaries paid to foreigners employed shall not be lower than the local minimum wage standards.

    (2)If laws and regulations stipulate that the industry authorities shall pre-approve, approval shall be required.

    2.Basic requirements of the applicant:

    (1)should be at least 18 years old, healthy, no criminal record, there is a defined employer in the territory, and have the necessary professional skills or appropriate level of knowledge to engage in their work.

    (2)The work is in line with the needs of China's economic and social development, and is an urgent domestic shortage of professionals.

    (3)Where laws and regulations provide otherwise for foreigners to work in China, such provisions shall prevail.

    Then foreigners to change jobs, must simultaneously apply for foreigners work permit transfer process. If the work unit has been changed, but the work permit has not been changed, does not meet the requirements of foreigners to work in China, as illegal employment.

    Foreigners who have obtained work permits for foreigners and change their work units need to handle it;

    Foreigners need to cancel the existing work permit and change the residence permit (Exit and Entry Administration regulations require cancellation within 10 days after leaving the job, and only some cities have slightly relaxed, so the timing of resignation transfer is very important). 

    Information required for transfer includes:

    1.The following information is required for foreigners to cancel their work permits:

    (1)Application form for cancellation of work permit for foreigners in China;

    (2)Evidence of termination of employment relationship, termination of contract or other reasons for cancellation.

    2.After the cancellation of the original work permit, the application for a new work permit shall be submitted within 30 days from the date of cancellation, and the following matters shall be paid attention to in handling the transfer:

    (1)The original work and residence permit is within the validity period;

    (2)The new job should be basically the same as the original job;

    (3)Need to provide the original company's resignation certificate.


    Different cities might have different requirements, pls consult local bureau before your preparation.

    Here are the work permit transfer documents needed in Qingdao


    transfer materials for work permit (whole process online)

    1. Original application form

    2, labor contract original (or copy, and stamped with official seal)

    3. Original cancellation certificate

    4. Copy of passport personal information page and residence permit page

    5. Original passport

    6. Letter of authorization (for agency)

    7. Approval letter of commitment for online process