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    Top 5 High Frequency Hot Issues for Work Visa

    1. ls there a retirement age of sixty for foreigners working in China?

    The age of foreign experts (Category B) working in China should not exceed 60 years old. High-end foreign talents (Category A) are not subject to the age limit. If they are physically able to continue working in China they can apply for a work permit even if they are over 60 years old.


    2. Do foreigners holding a China Five-star Card still need to apply for a work permit to work in China?

    No. Foreigners who have been granted a Permanent Residence Permit do not need to apply for an alien work permit to work in China.


    3. Can foreigners work across provinces cities or campuses?

    Foreigners working in China shall obtain work permits and work-type residence permits in accordance with the regulations. Foreigners can only work in the places specified in the work permit, not across provinces, cities and campuses, and no part-time job.


    4. ls it possible to change the Chinese Embassy for work visa application after the Work Permit Notice Letter approved?

    Once the Work Permit Notice letter is approved, it cannot be changed. The applicant can only apply for the visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate declared on the system, so it is necessary to confirm the work visa application embassy in advance before submitting the application.


    5. Can the employer or the foreigner cancethe work permit unilaterally?

    The work permit cancellation application should be uploaded within ten days from the date of termination of the labor contract. Both parties the work permit heed to sign and stamp the work permit cancellation application form and the certificate of termination of relationship, and submit the work permit cancellation application to the Foreign Expert Bureau. The work permit cannot be canceled unilaterally.

    sources from WeChat channel