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    When do I need to change my residence permit?

    Foreigners work, study and live in China, and the information on their residence permits may also change as their living and working status changes. Under what circumstances do foreigners need to change their residence permit?

    1. Change of residence reason, passport number, etc

    If the reason for residence or passport number of a foreigner holding a residence permit has changed, he or she must apply for a new residence permit to the residence permit issuing authority within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the change notice. If you fail to change the residence permit over time, you may be fined by the police and be allowed to leave the country according to law.

    2. Change of address, school, work unit, etc

    If the foreigner's residence address, school, work unit and other information has changed, he also needs to apply for a change to the residence permit issuing authority within 10 days. Change operation and cancellation operation need to fill in the application form and provide relevant supporting materials, such as change of address need to update the temporary accommodation registration form for overseas personnel.

    3. Move out/into another city

    If you need to move from one city to another city, you can also apply for change to the Exit and Entry Administration of the public security organ at the place of relocation or the place of relocation. Usually, in this case, the foreigner needs to apply for the change together with his or her spouse or relative.


    Application process

    To change the residence permit, you need to submit your valid passport and the original residence permit. Those who have already obtained a new passport need to submit the original of the old passport. Complete the "Foreigner Visa Document Application Form" and provide a recent 2-inch half-length headless photo. At the same time, it is necessary to submit the relevant certification materials for changing the residence registration items.


    For example, if you change your residential address, you need to update the temporary accommodation registration form for overseas personnel. If the residence permit holder's name, passport number and other information changes, it is necessary to update the temporary accommodation registration form for overseas personnel and submit the original and photocopy of the change certificate issued by the passport issuing authority.


    If you want to add a companion, you also need to submit a recent 2-inch half-body headless photo of the applicant and the companion and the corresponding proof of family relationship. If you change your work unit (school), you also need to submit relevant proof that the original work (study) residence reason has been terminated.


    In short, in any case where the residence permit information needs to be changed, foreigners should apply for the change procedure in time to avoid the trouble caused by the wrong information. Especially in the case of frequent changes in residence, study and work experience, special attention should be paid to handling the change procedures in time to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

    sources from CNVISA