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    The process of company's registration

    1.Registration of business license

    (1)Preliminary preparation

    Before registration, communicate with customers and fill in the Basic Information Form of Industrial and Commercial Registration Customers produced by the Ministry of Commerce.


    1.first enter "Shanghai Government Service Network" in the browser

    2.Select the website with the official website logo to enter

    3.Enter your account and password to log in

    4.After login, pull down to the column of special services, select "business registration", sometimes not displayed, click the gray button onthe right.

    5.Select the first "Name registration" after entering the business registration column.

    6.Choose online registration

    7.Select "Enterprise Establishment Registration" in the red title bar

    8.Click "self-naming", come out ofthe following interface, name declaration.

    During the name declaration process, click on the bottom name after checking, if the prompt is repeated, etc., it indicates that the name is unavailable and cannot proceed to the next step, and the following operations must be performed after the name is available.

    9.Fill in the following customer information, according to the "Basic Information Form for Industrial and Commercial Registration Customers" filled in by previous customers.

    10.After filling in the information, you need to click the "three certificates in one" and "official seal engraving" which have been prompted on the lower side.

    11.Fillin the information to save, and then authenticate. Among them, the legal person, the supervisor and the agent should carry out identity verification.

    The following is the authentication process:

    ①Search for "registration authentication" in the app store of your phone and select the first download

    ②After opening, click New user registration and fill in the information. If you have registered before, log in directly. If you forget your password, click Forget password to reset.

    ③Follow the instructions after login.

    ④Completion of the above is a successful verification.

    11.After successful verification, click "Submit" in the upper right corner.

    12.Prove successful submission as shown in the following figure.

    13.After successful submission, always pay attention to the audit results.

    14.Contact customers for business license after approval.

    2.Obtain a business license

    (1)Required information

    1.The passed data printed into paper version

    2.Legal person, application for business license agent ID card original and copy, supervisor ID card copy

    3.Articles of Association

    4.Company address location map

    5.Some white paper

    (1)Inadvance of the printed information on the relevant personnel ID cardcut and paste, all the words do not fill in.

    (2)Directly to the tax bureau can handle.


    1.The company's articles of association are stored in electronic version onthe mobile phone, and can be changed at any time if there are problems in the process of handling;

    2.The company must be present, with ID card.

    3.The word on the information do not fill in.

    Tax registration

    Information required for tax registration

    1.Original and photocopy of business license

    2.Original and photocopy of legal person ID card

    3.Copy of articles of association

    4.Copy of rental contract (if there is no copy of rental contract, land certificate is required)

    5.Official seal, private corporate seal, special invoice seal

    6.Legal persons need to be present to collect information

    Tax registration process

    Go through tax registration with the local tax bureau;

    Check the invoice amount (local tax bureau);

    County tax bureau to collect tax plates, tax plates issued;

    Getthe tax ticket (first at the county seat, then directly at the local tax bureau can get it)

    Contact to invoice the tax disc.

    Precautions for tax registration

    The tax clerk who registers as our company (who goes to register whom) needs an ID card;

    Atthe time of registration, let the tax clerk register the number of employees into more than 2 people, or it will be very troublesome later;

    When handling, ask the tax clerk to put in the tax password or take a photo with your mobile phone and keep it.

    Documents prepared by the customer at the time of receipt of invoice (clerk's ID card, invoice receipt book, tax disc)

    Open a bank account

    Information required for opening a public account:

    1.Original business license (2 copies in miniature)

    2.Original copy of business license

    3.Original legal person ID card and (2 copies)

    4.Articles of Association

    5.Official seal, private corporate seal, financial seal

    6.Letters of introduction

    The process of opening a public account

    1.Determine whether your business venue meets the bank's account opening requirements

    2.Make an appointment with your bank's account manager

    3.Open an account

    4.Verify the venue

    5.Complete the public account opening

    Better to consulting the local bureau and do it with Chinese friend's help.

    sources from SFBC