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    What need to apply for permanent residence through tenure route?

    Personal documents:

    1. Color scanned copy of passport information page, China visa page, residence permit page and entry/exit stamp page used for 4 consecutive years (the latest passport validity should be more than 6 months at the time of submission)

    2. Certificate of no criminal record in China

    3. Certificate of no criminal record issued by the overseas country where the applicant has resided continuously for more than 1 year.

    4. Salary certificate of the last 4 years

    5. Certificate of payment of personal income tax for the last 4 years and certificate of tax payment issued by the tax authority.

    6. Foreigner's Work Permit (the valid time period shall be 4 consecutive years before the date of application, and the information on the document regarding the unit of employment, position and personal situation shall be the same as the certificate of employment and other relevant certificates.)

    7.  "Health Certificate" issued by the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau 

    8. House ownership certificate or lease contract

    9. Certificate of livelihood security (to be notarized)

    10. Application Form for Permanent Residence of Foreigners in China

    11. Applicant's recent two-inch front-facing, crown-free color photo

    12. Personal resume

    13. If the applicant is a foreigner, he/she should provide the passport, household registration, ID card, etc. of the People's Republic of China, which can prove that he/she has the nationality of the People's Republic of China; or submit the certificate of foreigner issued by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the household registration.

    Employment unit/enterprise documents:

    1. Business license of the organization

    2. Relevant license certificate (if any)

    3. Enterprise profile

    4. Annual inspection certificate

    5. the work unit is "key institutions of higher learning" need to submit the relevant proof of the unit (Department of the "211 Project" schools and provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government into the first batch of undergraduate enrollment in ordinary colleges and universities admission institutions certificate.)

    6. Letter of Recommendation issued by the current work unit or the relevant authorities

    7. proof of employment (in the application date has been continuously serving as deputy general manager, deputy factory director and other positions or have associate professor, associate researcher and other deputy senior titles and enjoy the same treatment for four years.)

    8. Proof of project or confirmation (original, the valid time period of the proof shall be 4 consecutive years before the date of application of the applicant and corresponds to the time of the applicant's employment). What documents are needed to apply for permanent residence through the employment route?

    Please consult the related bureaus and consulting company before your preparation

    sources from CNVISA